Waster Water Heat Recovery Systems

Waste water heat recovery

A Waste Water Heat Recovery Unit (WWHRU) for shower water, meaning it recovers heat from the warm waste water as it passes through before going to the drainage system for the property.

The heat recovery is possible, due to the copper heat exchanger within the WWHR unit which is a very effective material for transferring heat. The preheated water then supplies the mains cold feed to the shower and either a combination boiler or a hot water storage cylinder.

The reason for doing this is to save money and energy. In an average shower the water will come out of the shower head at 40°C, and the water going down the drain will only be a few degrees cooler than this. This energy has been paid for once, and we believe at Wet N Warm Energy, that the home owner should get as much benefit from this energy before paying to reheat more water and at the same time reduce the energy consumption and CO2 emissions of the home.

WWHR should be installed by a suitably qualified plumber who gives consideration and attention to the system design as well as a correct installation.

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Waste Water Heat Recovery