Cavity wall insulation

Insulating your cavity walls is a simple and effective way to reduce your heating bills – and having a warmer home Saving up to £190 annually.

To find out whether your home has cavity walls, look at the brick work. If the bricks of your walls show only their long sides your home has cavity walls

Cavity wall insulation can cut your heating bills so much that it will pay for itself quickly. What’s more, there are grants and offers available to help pay for cavity wall insulation.

For professional installers, the job is simple, quick (about two hours) and makes no mess.

How much money will I save if I fill my cavity walls?

Here are some approximate costs and savings figures produced by the Centre for Sustainable Energy and correct as of April 2013.

Cost £500
Annual saving £190
Payback time around 3 years
CO2 saving per year 831kg

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