External Walls

External solid wall insulation

Adding a thermal layer to the outside walls

Nearly half of all the heat lost from solid-walled houses (those without a wall cavity) escapes through the walls. Insulating these walls keeps heat in for longer and makes homes more comfortable and cheaper to heat.

What does external wall insulation involve?

External solid wall insulation involves adding a layer of insulating material to the outside walls of a building and coating this with a protective render or cladding. There are lots of options to create the finish that you want and these may even add value to your home.

External solid wall insulation may be particularly suitable if you wish to avoid internal disruption, the loss of internal space or are doing other work to the exterior of your property, such as re-rendering. It is a specialist job that requires an approved installer who will specialise in work using a specific insulation system. Solid wall insulation may be suitable for a variety of wall types such as brick, stone, steel-framed and concrete construction.

Average costs and savings

Externally insulating your home costs on average £5,000- £14,000, though this depends on the size of the building and the number of outside walls being insulated. It is likely to be more expensive than internal wall insulation because of the cost of material and labour are higher.

A typical 3-bedroom semi-detached house using gas heating could save around £235 per year on heating bills by installing external wall insulation whereas a detached house heating with oil could save around £480 per year.

Unlike our competitors we aim to excel in the finishing touches that make a house a home. On completion of the insulation we add new rainwater pipes, soil stacks, boiler flues & electrical installations. This extra effort makes the whole process worth the investment.

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