Room in roof insulation

Flat roof insulation

Insulating your flat roof is a cost effective and efficient way of making saving money.

Installing flat roof insulation could save you similar amounts on your heating bills to loft insulation. The savings will vary depending on how much of the property has a flat roof.

Flat roofs

Flat roofs have been common in construction for the last 150 years. From the 1950s right up to the 1970s flat roof properties and flats were quite popular, many were built and are therefore found throughout the UK.

Unfortunately, in the past installing insulation wasn’t really high on the agenda when it came to building flat roofs. As a result, if you do have a flat roof on your property it will most likely be poorly insulated. What this means is that in the winter, warm air will quickly escape from heated rooms through the flat roof leaving the room feeling chilly. In the summer, the opposite is true; the room could be like a sun room, where if the sun shines, it gets unbearably hot and sticky.

A flat roof should preferably be insulated from above. A layer of rigid insulation board can be added either on top of the roof’s weatherproof layer or directly on top of the timber roof surface with a new weatherproof layer on top of the insulation. This is best done when the roof covering needs replacing anyway. If your flat roof needs to be replaced anyway you must now insulate it to comply with building regulations. It is also possible to insulate a flat roof from underneath,

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Room in roof insulation