Cylinder insulation

Pipe insulation

Insulating your hot water cylinder and pipe work is a simple and cost effective way to save energy in your home.

Usually the hot water tank can be found in an airing cupboard although they can sometimes be found in the loft. Many houses in the UK have un-insulated hot water tanks which allow heat to escape unnecessarily. Fitting a hot water cylinder jacket will insulate the tank and the reduced rate of heat loss will help maintain the water temperature in the tank for longer. Heat loss from the tank can be reduced by over 75%, saving around £50 per year on your energy bills.

Even if you already have a hot water cylinder jacket you may want to consider replacing it if it is less than 75mm thick or it does not completely cover the tank all the way around.

For extra savings, lag your hot water pipes, too

In addition to fitting a hot water cylinder jacket, ensure that all of your hot water pipes are also lagged with foam insulation.

How much money will I save if I insulate my hot water tank or pipes?

Here are some approximate costs and savings figures produced by the Centre for Sustainable Energy and correct as of May 2013.

Cylinder jacket Pipe insulation
Annual saving £49 £15
Payback time < 6 months 1-2 years
CO2 saving per year 215kg 60kg


Cylinder Insulation